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The Yu Research Group focuses on advanced materials processing and manufacturing science, pioneering the study of solid-state metal additive manufacturing via additive friction stir deposition. Additive friction stir deposition (known as the MELD technology by industry) is an emerging deformation-based additive process that can result in fully-dense metals in the as-printed state with equiaxed, fine grains and forging mechanical properties. Our research interests include process fundamentals (temperature, material flow, distortion), dynamic phase and microstructure evolution, design and manufacturing of heterostructured materials, and applications for large-scale cladding, repair, recycling, remanufacturing, and  energy-efficient manufacturing. In addition to structural metals, we are interested in scale-up manufacturing of magnetic materials, metallic glass, as well as shape memory materials (e.g., shape memory alloys and ceramics). Another area of interest is process control of additive manufacturing enabled by the integration of in situ monitoring, physics simulation, and AI-based prediction.

* Professor Hang Yu is a recipient of the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Young Faculty Award, focusing on autonomous manufacturing under austere conditions. 

* A monograph authored by Professor Hang Yu has just been released: Additive Friction Stir Deposition, Elsevier (2022). 

* Here is an article about the students and research in our group: Research and industry partnership helps forge 21st century metallurgy

* Here is another relevant article by the American Chemistry Society:  Metal 3D Printing Is Showing Its Mettle.



The Yu Research Group at Virginia Tech believes that technological and societal growth must be accomplished simultaneously for a better future. The group strives to live up to its ideals of removing barriers for participation and increasing their impact by addressing DEI in the engineering field:

Our team works hard to foster a positive work and social environment in which everyone feels accepted and respected (regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, country of origin, religion, sexual orientation, or skin color), while addressing the world's most pressing engineering issues.


Featured News

Recently students in the Yu research group worked to assist Virginia Tech's unprecedented COVID-19 response by 3D printing face shield bands and assisting in design of N-95 replacement masks. As a whole Virginia Tech delivered more than 2000 face shields to surrounding hospitals and is poised to deliver critical components if the need arises. 

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